Thank you, Neighbors.

October 16, 2020

Just want to thank all the folks who encouraged, supported, and helped me run for City Council. You always need a little help from your friends. 

Short and incomplete list: J.W. Carpenter, Andrew Wolverton, Lindsey Durham Culver, Jennifer Lowery Andress, Pete Van Zandt, Stephen Ingram, Mary Liz Ingram, Megan Gibbons, Paul Stanley Simmons II, Apryl Bragg Simmons, Erik Henninger, Alison Mitchell Henninger, Lynda Jentsch, Damian J. Carson, Josh Vasa, Anthony C. Hood, and AP Suaze

To all the folks that contributed to the campaign: Thank You!

To all my neighbors I had great conversations with: meeting you was the best part of running. 

I don't have enough space or words for my campaign committee Amanda Storey, Bernard Mays Jr, Mario Neavez, Payton Junkin, and Michael Eady. They signed up and came through in ways that went above and beyond anything I expected. These folks are family now. 

To my boss Isabel Watkins Rubio and all the HICA Chicas thank you for all of your support!

And, of course, all the gratitude to my wife Mercedes M Morales-Aleman and our daughter Amelia. Coming home to you is the greatest gift. 

Finally, to everyone who voted, regardless of who you voted for: I'll try my best to represent all of you.